“I was inspired by the Dutch landscape, with its dunes and dykes, when designing the lighting collection”


“When I’m outdoors, surrounded by nature, the sound of the wind, the tranquility and the beauty of the water have a real effect on me and help clear my mind. I’m constantly inspired by the diversity of colors and shapes. "


Dunes & Dykes




“Years ago, Ingo Maurer created the iconic Zettel’z Chandelier with blank sheets of paper that can be customized with notes and sketches for others to discover. With my Dunes & Dykes collection, I want to take things to another, even more personal, level."


“You can create your own space, your own altar if you like, within the lighting fixture. You can place pictures, notes, quotes or reminders there, but you can also opt for small objects or materials that will inspire you whenever you look at it. Just like nature inspires me.”




The Suspended is available two sizes; 1300 & 1550 mm.



The Cork series combines a cork inner with spray-paint in various colors on the outside. The Wood series combines a wooden exterior with various steel-colored options inside.




Dunes & Dykes Altar









Suspended 1300

1300x 310x460mm (lxwxh)

LED 2700K (optional dim-able)


Suspended 1550

1550x 310x460mm (lxwxh)

LED 2700K (optional dim-able)